CLE strives to make the right of all students to a quality education a reality.


As a national support center for twenty-five years for the Legal Services Corporation, CLE developed enormous expertise about the legal rights and responsibilities of students and school personnel as well as about key education programs and initiatives, including Title I, vocational education programs and school to work systems, and special education for students with disabilities.

CLE has participated in shaping the formulation of governing legislation and policies at the national level, and continues to provide daily assistance to students, parents, and educators experiencingdifficulty in their implementation at the state and local levels.

Educational Quality Bill Of Rights

CLE has developed both a short and long version of its Educational Quality Bill of Rights (EQBR.) The EQBR is designed as a starting point both to help schools articulate what they need to provide to ensure that all children receive a high-quality education, and to advance district and state adequacy efforts to help ensure that the resources and supports are sufficient for schools to have the capacity to provide that high-quality education. Below you will find links to the full and short forms of the EQBR, as well as a quick visual overview.

  • Full version of EQBR (PDF)
  • EQBR Short-form (PDF, 1 page version)  identifies each key element of quality education in response to parent-oriented key questions about a school