CLE strives to make the right of all students to a quality education a reality.

Right to High Quality Education

  • American Bar Association Calls for Action on Right to High-Quality Education(PDF) Press release announcing ABA’s adoption of three resolutions pertaining to securing the right of every child to a high-quality education. CLE co-director Paul Weckstein, as part of the ABA’s Commission on Youth at Risk, was the primary author of the resolutions and the respective accompanying reports set forth below.
    • 118A: Right to a High-Quality Educational Program (PDF) This resolution urges attorneys and bar associations to help secure the right of all students to a high quality public education through improvements in state and federal law, representation of students, parents, and organizations, and community legal education.
    • 118B: Right to Remain in School (PDF) This resolution by the ABA calls for improving laws and implementing and enforcing policies that will help advance students’ right to remain in school, including by promoting a safe and supportive school environment, proactively addressing problems leading to students leaving school through dropping out or disciplinary exclusion or involvement with the juvenile justice system.
    • 118C: Right to Resume Education (PDF) This resolution seeks laws and policies that support the right of youth who have left school to return and complete their education. The accompanying report discusses the legal bases for such right, the research and policy arguments for eliminating barriers to return, establishing high-quality age appropriate program options, and creating coordination systems that enable youth to understand and avail themselves of those opportunities.