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CLE files comments for proposed Title I changes

The U.S. Department of Education recently released draft guidance (January 2019) for Title I’s Supplement Not Supplant provisions. CLE filed extensive comments exploring positive proposed changes, major omissions, and in one case a major provision for which the guidance needs to be entirely rethought and rewritten in order to comply with, rather than undermine, important requirements, principles, and purposes of ESEA. Click here to read CLE’s comments; click here to read the draft guidance.

Over the course of its 50 years, CLE, in representing the interests of low-income children and their families, has worked extensively on Title I – from a focus on implementation problems with the Act in the early years, to a consistent emphasis on including and strengthening program quality provisions and family engagement provisions in the Act beginning in the 1980s, providing training on those provisions, developing and carrying out collaborative programs with schools and families to implement those provisions effectively, and providing detailed and extensive comments on NPRMs, as well as serving as the “elbow advisor” to the parent members of negotiated rulemaking after prior reauthorizations.