CLE strives to make the right of all students to a quality education a reality.

CLE files comments for proposed revisions to 603 C.M.R. 4.00 et seq.

In July 2019, CLE submitted comments to the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s (the “Department”) 603 C.M.R. § 4.00: Vocational Technical Education Regulations – Including May 7, 2019 Draft of Proposed Revisions for Discussion and Stakeholder Feedback (the “Department’s Draft Changes”). CLE’s comments addressed a wide range of issues, including: equity in admissions, program quality, governance, and instructional staff, with the goal of ensuring that all students have access to high-quality career and technical education and are taught to the same challenging and rigorous academic skills as all students, learning all aspects of an industry in order to successfully participate in further education and careers in current or emerging high-skills, high-wage professions.

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