Quality Education for All: Title I/Every Student Succeeds Act

Classroom full of desksCLE continues to focus on the largest elementary and secondary education program -- Title I -- as the a primary vehicle for broad-based school reform. Through our work we seek to mobilize parents, community advocates, and school personnel, to use federal Title I, and state and local law and policy to bring about broad-based school and district-level reform using varied strategies including, parent education and mobilization, developing federal, state, and local policies which support standards-based school reform, and school partnerships for program improvement, which seek to improve the core quality of curriculum and instruction.

  • CLE and Advocacy Institute’s Joint Analysis of ESSA and Its Implications for Students with Disabilities (DOC), January 2016
  • Title I/No Child Left Behind Overview (PDF) Brief description setting out the basic framework for making states, schools districts, and schools accountable under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act as reauthorized by the No Child Left Behind Act for ensuring that all students become proficient in the skills and knowledge identified in the states' standards established for all children.
  • Title I as a Tool for Parent Involvement (PDF) An introduction to the key parent planning and participation provisions in Title I for holding schools accountable to families. Action steps and other recommendations are identified.
  • School Parent Involvement Policy: Sec 1118 Outline (PDF) Comprehensive outline of the mandatory components in Title I that describe how families, teachers, and administrators will knowledgeably and effectively participate in developing the school's Title I schoolwide program plan or program plan as appropriate.
  • Title I Outline: Selected Sections on Local Requirements (PDF) Annotated outline of Title I of the ESEA pertaining to Local Educational Agency Plans (Sec. 1112), Schoolwide Programs (Sec. 1114), Targeted Assistance Schools (Sec. 1115), and Parent Involvement (Sec. 1118).
  • New Opportunities for Improving the Quality of Education for Low Income Students (PDF) An overview of important changes to Title I following it's reauthorization in 1994. Document needs to be read with updated Overview (2002) above, describing changes as a result of Title I reauthorization in 2001, as amended by No Child Left Behind Act.
  • What Does It Take? Title I Schoolwide Programs (PDF) A description of educational program quality levers added to Title I as reauthorized in 1994, including an enriched and accelerated curriculum and effective instruction, high quality and professional staff, professional development, effective individual instruction, and parental involvement. [Note updated Overview (2002) above.]