Help Us Work to Provide Quality, Equity and Civil Rights for All Students


Helping to Provide Quality, Equity and Civil Rights for All Students

As 2018 winds down, there is still time for you to make a difference. Donate today and join CLE in fighting to preserve, extend, and expand the rights of students and families, particularly those living in poverty, that are threatened by the current national tide. Most recently, among other successes, CLE has:

  • Worked collaboratively with an urban school district to develop a protocol for schools to protect students whose parents may be detained by ICE during the school day; and to bar ICE from accessing students at their individual schools.
  • Protected immigrant students’ privacy rights by challenging through administrative advocacy and litigation the inappropriate sharing of student information by School Resource Officers with police and ICE.
  • Taken steps to help ensure students who are English learners, including those with limited interrupted formal education, and those with disabilities, have full and equal access to an age appropriate curriculum.

 With your support, we can continue working to make the right of every student to a high-quality education a reality. Please make a tax-deductible donation in the largest amount you can by December 31st.


Click here for our secure donation page.  Or if you prefer, send a check to either address below.


Please consider passing this appeal on to friends who share your commitment to the right to quality education for all students.


 Thank you so much for your continued assistance.  We extend to you our best wishes for the holiday season and the New Year.


Kathy Boundy and Paul Weckstein, Co-Directors



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