CLE Alumna Nominated to MA Supreme Judicial Court

CLE recognizes and applauds the nomination of former CLE attorney and current Appeals Court Judge Geraldine Hines to the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts.

 "Gov. Deval Patrick this afternoon tapped Appeals Court Judge Geraldine S. Hines for the Supreme Judicial Court — a nomination that would make her the first black woman to serve on the state’s highest court."

While at CLE, Hines "litigated civil rights cases relating to discrimination in education and advised on special education law while a staff attorney", later gaining "prominence as a lawyer in the case of Commonwealth v. Willie Sanders, a highly publicized trial of a black man accused of raping eight women, her biography notes. In private practice, she continued to litigate civil rights cases, including employment discrimination and police misconduct claims, as a founding partner in the first law firm of women of color in the New England region."

Excerpted from the Boston Herald, Deval Patrick nominates first black woman to serve on SJC